Repatriation Ex-WNI (ITAS/Limited Stay Permit) – 318

Do you wish you could stay in Indonesia for a longer period of time? This type of visa is only available to Ex-WNI who have another citizenship. After four yearly extensions, this sort of ITAS can be converted into ITAP/KITAP (permanent residency), and it can also be converted into Indonesian citizenship after two KITAP extensions.

Investor KITAS (ITAS/Limited stay permit) 313 – 314

Indonesia is widely renowned for its dynamic market cycle, which attracts investors to put their money to work, whether to start a firm or to invest in an existing one. Investor Kitas (Types 313 and 314) are provided to foreigners who want to invest in an Indonesian firm that is registered as PT PMA. Based […]

Entertainement (Impresariat) KITAS (ITAS/Limited Stay Permit)

In Indonesia, particularly in Bali and Jakarta, two regions with strong entertainment vibes, the development market business will help your career stand out. If you work in the entertainment industry as a DJ, musician, vocalist, artist, or art director. Do you work as a model or a dancer and aspire to work and live in […]

Researcher KITAS (ITAS/Limited Stay Permit) – 315

A research visa is required for anyone who desires to do academic research in Indonesia. This type of KITAS would need an authorization and recommendation from Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency (Kemenristekdikti).

Student KITAS (ITAS/Limited Stay Permit) – 316

Do you want to study in Indonesia while also exploring its richness and unique culture? We recommend that you apply for this form of visa. Prior to beginning their studies, all overseas students must obtain a student KITAS and authorization from the Minister of Higher Education and Transmigration.

Second Home KITAS

For foreigners who wish to stay in Indonesia starting from 5-10 years, but have ro make investment in Indonesia.

Family KITAS – 317 (ITAS/Limited Stay Permit)

The Family KITAS is only granted to close relatives of an Indonesian citizen, such as spouses or children, or to applicants who have another type of KITAS. The visa is valid for one year and can be extended every year for a total of five years. The other spouse and children will have the same […]

Working Permit KITAS (ITAS/Limited Stay Permit) – 312

The Working Visa / Working KITAS is valid for foreigners employed in Indonesia. It is the most comprehensive work permit available and allows the holder to actively participate in and gain some of the benefits of Indonesian citizenship. To receive a working permit, you must work for an Indonesian-registered company. Whether it’s a PT. PMA, […]

Journalist Visa – 211C

This visa is anyone engaging in news reportage in Indonesia, including but not limited to: writers, videographers, photojournalists, and news radio.

Multiple Business Re-entry Visa – B212

Do you travel to and from Indonesia on a frequent basis for business? We recommend that you apply for the Multiple Entry Business Visa. This visa permits the holder to enter Indonesia several times per year for business meetings and leisure activities. This visa is valid for 12 months, however you can only stay for […]

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